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One month after their labor contract officially expired, the Austin Police Association has announced that they will be returning to negotiations in order to work out a new one for the Austin Police Department.

Back on December 13th, a proposal was rejected which would have involved a five-year contract between Austin city staff and the Austin Police Association. The rejection was officially noted as being due to cost concerns, as well as an overall lack of accountability measures that were deemed adequate. Since a new contract wasn’t agreed to, the last one officially expired near the end of December, thereby causing the Austin Police Department to revert to local civic service law. This is something that affects the officers in many ways, such as pay, oversight, promotions, and hiring.

A recent letter announced the following:

On behalf of the Austin Police Association we would like to give notice that the Association has selected its meet and confer team and we will be ready to return to the bargaining table whenever the City of Austin has selected its meet and confer team, and the City of Austin is in a position to make substantive proposals, both economic and non-economics.”

Furthermore, it was requested that the city of Austin not reduce any benefits or pay for police officers during the time in which a new contract is being drafted and negotiated, as civil service law dictates that officers aren’t entitled to receive certain benefits that had been previously agreed to in a contract.

A revised contract is expected to be presented to Austin City Council by this coming March.

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