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The Austin City Council recently voted to approve a new ordinance, which would mandate the local businesses provide paid sick leave to their employees. The final vote came in at 9-2 and was met with a huge round of cheers. As a result, the city of Austin became the first state and southern municipality to put this type of ordinance into effect.

However, the latest word is that Austin may not have the final say regarding this, as within hours of the ordinance passing, a Republican state representative voices his intention to introduce legislation as part of the first day of next year’s official session in order to attempt to have the ordinance repealed. According to him, he feels that the government shouldn’t be the ones to mandate something like paying sick leave to employees of local businesses. He also referred to the ordinance as an overreach.

This move is the latest in a series of targets by conservative lawmakers in the state of Texas, who seek to overturn many local municipal policies, especially if the policies are more left-leaning and place regulations on both industries and businesses alike.

For instance, the city of Denton approved a fracking ban in 2014 after 59% of voters voted in favor of the ban. However, a few short months later, Governor Greg Abbott wiped away the ban by signing a measure designed to preempt all local regulations in regards to activities involving drilling for oil. As a result, Denton was forced to repeal the ban, which allowed fracking within the limits of the city to immediately begin.

Abbott has yet to issue any kind of an official comment in regards to the ordinance passed in Austin.

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