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Throughout the span of ten days, three package bombs were reported to have exploded in the city of Austin. As a result, two people – a teenager and a 39-year-old man – were killed, while an elderly woman was critically injured.

Two explosions occurred within hours of one another, which caused police to have to quickly go from one location to the next. All of the victims involved were of different races: the 39-year-old and the teenager were both African American, while the elderly woman was Hispanic.

Each victim found the packages outside their homes; however, the U.S. Postal Service states that none of their local offices delivered them to the homes. The packages were also not delivered by services that include UPS, FedEx, etc. 

Because of the fact that each victim was of a different race, Austin police are stating that these incidents could be treated as hate crimes; however, they have not officially decided on this as of yet. They do agree, however, that each incident is related to one another. 

Those who are neighbors of those who were killed and injured by the package explosions have gone on record of stating that their homes shook after the explosions took place. Another resident stated that when they heard an explosion nearby, they saw someone in the yard covered in glass and using their hands to cover their face. They also rushed blankets over to the victim due to some of their clothing having been ripped off thanks to the impact of the explosion.

Local police have warned residents to be cautious about packages they find outside their homes, especially if they weren’t expecting to receive one. Police say if this type of situation occurs, contact them immediately. Following that announcement, police say they received upwards of 82 calls from residents.

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