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Paper license plates across the state of Texas are receiving a brand new design. For criminals seeking to either drive around off-the-radar or attempt to get past vehicle inspections, the new designs will be significantly more difficult to copy.

There are some law enforcement agencies, however, who remain skeptical in regards to the changes, more specifically that they could actually improve the overall number of fake plate cases that they are currently investigating. Furthermore, it will also be a few months before they will be able to determine just how effective these new measures are. This is because both new and old plate designs will remain on the road for a total of 60 days.

 The new tag designs will also feature what’s known as a security star, which will help to prevent duplicate copies from being made. 

This new system has already officially gone into effect; however, many say that law enforcement agencies across the state will still have to be educated in regards to exactly what they need to look for in order to spot what may be a fake plate.

Current law regarding tags applies only to dealer tags and not those obtained by individual drivers. Security features will be added to the following tags this coming June: 

*30-day permits

*144-hour permits

*72-hour permits

*One-trip tags

Perhaps the strongest security feature will be an alphanumeric number. If an officer pulls a driver over, they will be able to easily run that number through their database in order to determine whether the tag is real or not. It will also let the officer know who purchased the vehicle that the tag is on, as well as who sold the vehicle to the driver. Simply put, if the tag doesn’t match up with what’s in the database, then this is a sign that the tag is a fake.

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