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After coming to court for 6 months, don’t act surprised when the bailiff says booty shorts are not court-appropriate attire. Many Courts all across the nation have very specific dress codes. While they may have less stringent rules for the general public from the suit and ties expected from your lawyer, there are still many pitfalls to avoid. Wearing pants is a great start. If you choose to wear a shirt that comes below your waistline, tucking it in is a real sign that you are taking this appearance seriously.

Also, while it may be sunny outside, your hat and shades are not an inside necessity to diminish the glaring eyes of judges and other court officials. As progressive as many counties and their respective officials are becoming, the pot leaf shirt will still not cut it either. Although you may not have enough cosmetic concealer to cover up your F the world forehead tattoo, your long sleeve shirt may be better at covering that suggestive forearm ink than the bailiff’s hand cuffs.

Another important take-away is that a judge will likely take your sincere plea of sobriety more seriously without the “I’m not as think as you drunk” t-shirt. Before coming to court, think, “dress to impress,” and not to be placed under arrest. A great attorney will have the legal eye for a straight tie, but your Court date is not the time for extreme makeovers.

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