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A new photo ID policy will soon be put into effect by Travis County Parks in order to help stop Hamilton Pool scalpers, and that policy could start as soon as early summer.

Hamilton Pool is located just north of the city of San Antonio, and is widely considered to be one of the most popular swimming spots in the area.

Those who engage in scalping, which involves an individual selling tickets for specific events or venues at prices that are much higher than the official price, have been found to be reserving spots at Hamilton Pool, then turning around and selling those same reservations on websites such as Craigslist. The normal cost to reserve an area at Hamilton Pool is $11; however, scalpers are selling the reservations they make for prices upwards of $50.

According to officials, the scalpers will use multiple names and email addresses to book the reservations, which can be done on the official website of Hamilton Pool. Officials also say that these same people will “hide the fact that they’re buying up these permits.”

As of the initial reports, Hamilton Pool has been largely booked through the remainder of May; however, it’s unknown how many of these reservations are legitimate and how many have been taken up by scalpers.

While scalping tickets isn’t technically against the law, staff at Hamilton Pool have stated that they will eventually switch to a process in which they will request to see photo ID whenever they come there. Furthermore, there is also a rescheduling process, which frees up the reservation at face value and will hopefully undercut scalpers.

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