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You may be surprised to learn that if you take cash out of the person’s wallet you just stole, but accidentally throw away your own wallet near the scene, police and witnesses might be able to identify you more easily. New and innovative investigatory techniques used by law enforcement agencies has led to an increase in arrests and convictions. However, most crimes are solved and subsequently prosecuted on the sole proposition that criminals make poor choices. Look, been there, done that; creating fake IDs but accidentally use your own driver’s license number; fabricating currency but accidentally leaving hand-written detailed instructions atop the printer in the motel room under your real name; or reusing temporary tags from your own vehicle on another vehicle you just stole.

Crimes involving fraud and theft are looked down upon as crimes involving a lack of morality. They carry harsh punishments and affect your lifelong credibility along with your ability to earn a livable wage. Our society was built upon the social contract and rules of law, which all of us should strive to follow. But, if you are accused of a crime involving moral turpitude, you will need a great lawyer who will make better decisions on your behalf.

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