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Facebook and other publicly posted social media sites are not ideal for discussing potential criminal ventures, especially if time and place are outlined with the available check-in option at your local gas station. From DWIs to thefts, it may shock you to know just how much incriminating evidence is regularly posted on social media. Bragging, foolishly, about crimes or posting incriminating evidence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels is a legal nightmare and looked down upon by law enforcement, prosecutors, judges and juries of your peers. Social media is a pitfall for posting stolen items, gang signs, drug use, and revenge porn.

Your humble-brag wide-angle photo-op, brandishing a weapon, half-drunk handle of tequila, the ID of the man you just robbed, along with his credit cards and the $200 dollars in 20s and 10s, and your two face-tattooed friends/accomplices does not lessen the range of punishment even with the right photo filter. Please stick to selfies, throwbacks, puppies, meals and emojis unless you’re interested in turning your profile pic into a mug shot.

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