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According to the Austin Transportation Department, rentals of the city’s popular motorized scooters are running into quite a bit of a snag – that snag being individuals who are drunk, attempting to ride them.

The problem has become so intense that the Austin Transportation Department has recently started working alongside local police in an attempt to come up with some sort of a solution; however, a representative stresses that awareness campaigns may be the best response, as the law can only do so much.

Even those who work food trucks in the area during the busy weekends have both noticed and reported drunken individuals riding the motorized scooters. One worker said that, oftentimes, you will see one riding right after the other. Luckily, they haven’t witnessed any crashes, but all of the food truck workers agree that when it comes to sidewalks, the drunken individuals tend to swerve around other pedestrians “carelessly.”

Officials with the Austin Police Department have also gone on record stating that “operating one of these motorized scooters while drunk does qualify as a DWI, and that any individuals caught run the risk of being arrested for it.”

Representatives with the Austin Transportation Department currently have a meeting scheduled with local police in the coming week, in which the two parties will work together to come up with some sort of a solution to help fight the problem, one that involves education regarding operating a motorized scooter while intoxicated rather than repeatedly arresting people.

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