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Halloween night is a night of Tom foolery but this guy took that one step further. Travis Walker, 30, was arrested for his third, or more, time for drunk driving on a scooter. Walker was convicted of DWI twice in Harris County, 2010 and 2012.

Witnesses saw him crash the red Viza Viper 33cc scooter outside of the Namami Sushi Bar and Grill, 9001 Brodie Lane, in South Austin. He stood up after the crash with bloody elbows. The manager of the restaurant called police because Walker tried riding off on the scooter after the crash.

While trying to flee Walker almost crashed in to a taxi cab after being offered a ride home in a cab and refusing. After riding off on his scooter again successfully medics caught up with Walker on Davis Lane a little before 8 p.m. They trailed him in the ambulance until he fell off the scooter again.

Police then performed a field sobriety test which Walker failed for obvious reasons. During the test Walker was laughing without a shirt or pants on and a rope around his waist. Walker claimed he had consumed four beers over the day.

Texas law permits arrests for DUI or DWI while not in a car. Scooters are considered motor vehicles. If you are out drinking with friends don’t be a Travis Walker. Get a cab, rideshare or have a designated driver.

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