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A man riding a scooter in East Austin was hit Wednesday morning by a drunk driver. The car driver was arrested for driving intoxicated and driving with an invalid license. The man who was hit is currently recovering in the hospital. Are you looking for Austin dwi attorneys?

Scooters have progressively become more popular as a common transportation mode in Austin over the past year. There are several branded motorized scooters available for people to ride by downloading an app and paying a small fee.

As the number of riders increases the number of accidents increases. Austin averages a minimum 10 scooter related accidents daily. Austin is the city with the most scooter related daily accidents in the country.

There are a number of safety precautions you can take to minimize your risk of getting injured while riding a motorized scooter.

1. Helmets

A helmet is ‘required’ by most scooter companies, but there is no real way for them to tell if any rider actually wears them, hence questioning whether it is really required. While scooter apps like Bird and Lime may not ‘require’ their riders to wear helmets but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Helmets provide much needed protection should you crash with another scooter rider, pedestrian or even a car.

2. Visibility

When riding a bike at night it is legally required to have a red and white light visible on your bike. Many of these motorized scooters do not have these legally required lights. Wear reflective clothing and put lights on a scooter before riding it at night.

3. Follow Street Rules

Don’t run stop signs or lights. Don’t go left or right out of turn and never try passing pedestrians. The scooters are only to be ridden on the road and have to follow the same laws of the road as bikes and cars. This means following speed limits as well, and staying off sidewalks.

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