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A driving nightmare occurred early Tuesday morning when a thick fog sank over Austin and greatly reduced visibility. A 20-vehicle pile up affected at least 56 people and led to a terrifying ordeal. Are you looking for austin dwi lawyers?

At least nine people were reported injured and transported to a nearby hospital according to the Austin-Travis County Emergency Management Service.

The accident happened on Highway 130 in East Austin right after midnight on New Year’s Eve. Visibility was reduced to just under 2 miles with temperatures hovering just above freezing.

The fog was so bad that the first deputies that arrived at the scene of the accident hit a patrol vehicle.

Holidays like New Year’s are always accompanied by higher accident rates. This includes DWI, or Driving While Intoxicated. Party holidays mean more people are drinking and more people choose to drive when they are impaired.

No arrests or citations were issued at the time of the incident. No one party was to blame. If anything, people were baffled by the thick blanket of fog.

If you can avoid being on the roads after dark on days like this, then please do. The roads are already more dangerous with higher rates of reckless driving. The fog on top of the poor road conditions led to a large accident.

If you are at a party on nights like this and are drinking, there are lots of options rather than to attempt to drive yourself home. Call a ride share, taxi, or a sober friend. Or, stay the night where you are. Always have a plan to make it home safe.

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