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Was your phone stolen during ACL 2018? The Austin Police Department intercepted a large package of stolen phones from Austin City Limits and they are working to reunite them with their owners.

The phones were stolen over the first weekend of ACL during October 4-6, 2018. The package of phones was recovered while it was being shipped from Austin to Kissimmee, Florida. The Osceola County Sheriff’s Department worked together with APD to seize the phones.

Three people were arrested in relation to the stolen property; Edward Javier Garcia-Castano, 34, Estivenson Blanco-Rubiano, 34, and Wilmer Arias-Arias, 25.

The three were charged by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for trafficking stolen property across state lines. Immigration and Customs then deported the three to Colombia for illegally immigrating.

Anyone that lost a phone during the first weekend at ACL can go to the Austin City Limits website to view the stolen phones on their virtual lost and found. All the phones home screens were photographed. If you recognize a phone you can apply to claim it.

“We will review all claims and compare them with the device in question. For any devices that receives claims from multiple individuals, these disputes must be resolved in court,” according to the ACL website.

There are currently 78 unclaimed phones on the website. According to the APD this is the largest item reunification process the department has undertaken. ACL has partnered with Crowdfind, a Chicago-based Saas company, to create the website.

To keep your phone from getting stolen during music festivals take some precautionary measures. Turn on Find My Iphone first and foremost. Change your lock screen wallpaper to your contact details so that when the phone is recovered by police they can easily contact you. If you must carry it on you put in in an inside pocket or a place on you that a thief can’t easily access.

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