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Popular boozy ice cream bar in East Austin is bringing CBD infused ice cream to Austin. The frozen treat is just in time for Valentine’s Day and will start being sold February 14th. The ice cream is completely legal and will not result in your need of an Austin drug law firm.

The only flavor available currently is a cannabidiol red velvet. It has swirls of cream cheese frosting as well. The hemp CBD oil is from Soul Addict, a North Carolina CBD company.

The flavor is not temporary for just the holiday but will be available indefinitely and has been given the name, Afternoon Delight.

Prohibition Creamery is a bar that originally sold only liquor infused ice creams as well as craft cocktails, beer and wine.

“Prohibition Creamery was born out of a love for local ingredients, handcrafted recipes and a damn good time. We combine our two favorite indulgences – alcohol and ice cream – into delicious crafted ice creams with attitude. Imagine brandied cherries swirled in vanilla, bananas foster, whiskey chocolate and tiramisu. We offer boozy and classic ice creams and sorbets. Flavors change frequently and according to what’s in season. To further elevate the experience, we also serve craft cocktails, wine and beer,” Prohibition Creamery website said.

For those that don’t know, while CBD is derive from cannabis it does not include  tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the psychoactive component of marijuana. All this to say you can’t get high off of the ice cream.

CBD food products are available all over Austin from CBD oil containing juices at Juiceland and Soup Peddler to CBD match lattes at Curcuma.

The sale of CBD oil has boomed in recent years in Texas thanks to a gray area in a law that was passed in 2015 titled the Compassionate Use Act, SB 339. This law allowed three dispensaries to be licensed to sell THC containing products for people suffering from diseases like epilepsy.

The legalization of THC containing products has left law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and activists arguing over whether or not CBD is legal in Texas.

For the most part law enforcement and prosecutors have bigger fish to fry so it’s chalked up to a low priority. And as time goes on CBD products are booming everywhere.

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