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Police in the city of Austin are making an attempt to fight against an increase in Austin car theft that occurred throughout the city between 2017 and 2018, which shows that the thefts rose 17% from 2,003 to 2,348.

September was shown to be the biggest month when it comes to the overall thefts themselves, with numbers increasing from 151 in 2017 to an astonishing 238 in 2018.

According to police in the city, the majority of the crimes involved the simple mistake of keys being left inside the affected vehicles, sometimes even in the ignition of the vehicles themselves. One of the affected vehicles were identified as being mopeds, more specifically those that were located in the West Campus neighborhood.

Throughout the first three quarters of 2018, police reported receiving a total of 79 reports involving stolen mopeds. Out of that number, a total of 40 of those theft reports were from the West Campus neighborhood.

Police are also warning residents that they truly need to be concerned about the increase in car thefts, stating that when cars are stolen, they often get used in other crimes by the perpetrators as well, such as going joyriding and breaking into other cars, thereby creating an escalation in crime of sorts.

They also state that some years ago, there was a sort of special skill that was required when it came to stealing cars, in which the thieves had to hotwire the engine itself in order to even get the car to start, which involved finding the correct wires and swiping them together in order to create sparks which would help to ignite the engine enough in order for the car to start without having to actually use a key in the ignition. This meant that certain makes and models of cars often became vulnerable to these thieves.

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