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It’s probably the last phone call you want to get, and the last thing you want to deal with, but if someone you know ends up in jail in Travis County, chances are you’re immediately looking for the best and fastest way in which you can get them released.

So, how do you get someone out of jail in Travis County?

The best answer to this question is to obtain the services of an experienced attorney, as they will be able to immediately speak to the judge involved with the case and waive the process. Essentially, this means that they will be able to secure a bond more quickly, meaning you’ll be able to get your loved one out quicker.

An experienced attorney will be able to perform releases from jails in Travis County that are similar to those of bail bondsmen, as well as being able to negotiate all terms of release with judges. Only by contacting an experienced attorney will you be able to obtain more information about what all of your available options are in being able to secure your loved one’s release.

Typically, attorneys are able to help with the following in terms of Travis County jail releases, including:

  • Obtaining any and all information in regards to being able to interview the individual that was arrested in order to learn more for the background check.
  • Pretrial investigations will often recommend denying a bond; however, working with an experienced attorney will generally result in a judge approving it since the attorney will be able to walk the bond through for the arrested individual.
  • An attorney can return a bond to pretrial services in order to prepare a package to be delivered to the jail.
  • The attorney will personally take the bond to the jail in order to be officially processed.

Once someone is arrested in Travis County, they will usually be transferred to the central booking office, which is located in the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center in Austin.

An officer who arrests an individual for any reason at any time is required to submit a probable cause affidavit, which states why an officer believes a crime was committed. The probable cause affidavit must be submitted within 24 hours of a misdemeanor arrest or 48 hours of a felony arrest. When this is reviewed by a judge, they will determine if enough probable cause exists, and will then establish a bail amount. The arrested individual will then meet with the judge, and an attorney can obtain a copy of the affidavit prior to meeting with the arrested individual. They can also approach the judge on their behalf in many cases and waive the magistrate process, which can sometimes take several hours and could possibly delay the release of your loved one from jail.

The best way to get someone out of jail in Travis County is to immediately get in touch with and obtain the services of an experienced and professional attorney, and as a part of their representation, the attorney can assist with jail release, regardless of whatever it is that your loved one may have been arrested for. An experienced defense attorney will know all the next steps and will be able to help handle everything about the legal process for you, which is far less stressful and easier than you and your loved one trying to handle everything on your own.

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