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Regardless of where you live, chances are you’re probably wondering if you should contact an attorney if you’ve had a slip and fall. The simple answer to that question is yes, as you should never take any of your injuries lightly. A professional and experienced  lawyer will be able to determine whether you should or can pursue a claim for a slip and fall, and oftentimes, settlements involving these types of incidents can be reached without even having to step foot into a courtroom.

Slip and fall accidents happen across the United States every day, and some of the most common places they can occur include:

  • Slippery or wet surfaces with no proper signage warning of the possible danger
  • Broken floors, streets, and/or concrete.
  • Manholes/potholes.
  • Debris from a construction site.
  • Stairways/hallways that are not properly lit.
  • Icy or unkept sidewalks and parking lots during winter weather.

By law, many businesses are required to take action and ensure the overall safety of both customers and non-customers inside their store or on their premises. Sometimes, businesses can be negligent and aren’t keeping up on safety codes that are in place to keep everyone safe, which can unfortunately results in someone, such as yourself, getting injured as a result. Negligence or unawareness on the part of a business is not an excuse, and will not hold up in court. However, property owners and business owners are will generally not be held responsible for slip and fall injuries if a dangerous condition is open and obvious enough for you to be able to see it for yourself and avoid it.

By contacting a lawyer after a slip and fall accident, they will be able to determine how to hold the accused party legally responsible for you slip and fall injuries. A slip and fall can not only rack up medical bills for more severe injuries, but if your injuries put you out of work, you’re missing out on paychecks as well as facing medical bills. An experienced lawyer will ask you questions regarding the accident, such as what you were wearing on your feet at the time, if you slipped or tripped, what you slipped or tripped on, if there was any handrail to hold, and other questions that may pertain to your case.

However, if your injuries from a slip and fall are more along the lines of a scrapped knee of a bruised elbow, you may want to think twice before calling a lawyer. On the other hand, if you have more serious injuries, such as a broken bone, a head injury, or an injured spine, that would most certainly be grounds for contacting a lawyer and considering a lawsuit.

Be careful out there, especially during the winter season, and always contact a lawyer for severe slip and fall injuries that have resulted in negligence from another party.

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