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No one sets out for a night planning on getting a DWI. However, dinner, followed by a few drinks, followed by perhaps a few more drinks, can land you in a sticky situation unless you take the necessary precautions to get yourself home safely, and without any legal ramifications.

Plan A Sober Ride

Perhaps the easiest way to avoid getting a DWI is to simply not drink and drive. On the other hand, if you do set out for an evening and plan on drinking or end up drinking, either make plans beforehand to have a designated driver to ensure that you make it to your destination and home safely, or find a secure place to park your car overnight and take a ride share service home. This is perhaps the best way to ensure that the roads are kept safe for you and everyone else.

Learn the Laws

The best way to make sure you aren’t breaking a law, is to learn the law surrounding DWI in your state and any other state you visit. Laws regarding driving under the influence or while intoxicated can vary based on which state you’re in. For instance, there are some states that stipulate that someone can only be charged with a DWI if someone is operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol and over the legal limit, while other states stipulate that someone can be charged with a DWI even if they are sitting in a stopped car “sleeping it off”.

Eat Up

If you plan on drinking and know that your only option to get home is driving yourself, do so responsibly by eating plenty of food and drink a glass of water with each alcoholic beverage you plan on consuming. Food will help slow the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream, and drinking water will not only keep you hydrated, but will help your kidneys filter alcohol in your system. Consider familiarizing yourself with a BAC chart that will show you how many drinks you can have per hour based on your weight and gender in order to stay under the legal limit in the state where you are drinking. 

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