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If you are visiting a state where it’s legal to purchase and travel with marijuana under a personal use law, you may not think twice about packing it with you on your drive back home. You purchased it legally, so there shouldn’t be an issue, right? That depends.

Can marijuana that’s legal in one state thanks to a personal use law be taken into another state where such a law may not be on the books?

The simple answer to that question is “no”. In other words, while it may be legal to possess the substance in one state, if you were to take any marijuana to another state where it would otherwise be illegal, then you would be subject to all of the laws of that state that you are currently in. Just because marijuana and marijuana products such as concentrate and edibles are legal in Colorado, doesn’t mean that they remain legal once you cross over border lines. Transporting marijuana obtained legally into a state where it remains illegal can be both a federal and state crime.

Even if you have a valid medical marijuana card, which would enable you to purchase the substance for use for a variety of medical ailments in order to receive relief from them, this would still not provide you with any kind of legal protection, especially since the state you travel to may not even legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes.

If you use medical marijuana and want to travel to a state that doesn’t allow possession of marijuana for personal or medical use, bringing it with you could land you into a lot of trouble.

Additionally, if you had any marijuana in your car and were stopped, there is the chance that you could face even harsher penalties as well. For instance, being stopped in a state where the substance is illegal and having it found in your car could end with you potentially being charged with something as severe as either distribution of narcotics or drug trafficking. If you end up getting stopped on an interstate highway, where federal law has jurisdiction as well, having marijuana in your possession could result in an even more severe consequence.

Before traveling with marijuana, always check the laws of a state before you cross borders, and never bring marijuana obtained legally to a state where it is illegal.

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