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Austin Opens First Legal Cannabis Dispensary – Located south of the city of Austin in the town of Manchaca is where you will find Compassionate Cultivation, the first legal cannabis dispensary in the entire state of Texas that has been in operation for over two years. The exterior of the building isn’t all that conspicuous; however, the general atmosphere of the waiting area itself almost makes you feel as though you’re in a doctor’s office. Despite all of this, the business is helping to provide a future for similar operations all across the state due to offering all sorts of unique medical marijuana treatment options for those families who are dealing with many different severe ailments.

Compassionate Cultivation‘s CEO had the following to say in regards to the company being the first of its kind in the state:

“It’s not very often in a person’s life that you get to be part of making history. We had seen what happened in other states, and we knew we wanted to get in and lead this transformation in Texas. And we’re honored to be able to do that.”

Many of the patients who visit Compassionate Cultivation suffer from conditions that include the following:



*Terminal cancer

*Multiple sclerosis




*Alzheimer’s disease

*Parkinson’s disease

Many individual stories are displayed inside the building on what is referred to as the Hall of Honor, which serves as a reminder of the impact of the work being done by those who operate the business. Below is what the CEO had to say in regards to this:

“You’re talking about people who would have dozens of seizures per day and are now seizure free and off all of the other medications that they’re on, just like a miracle. It’s a treatment, not a cure, so we don’t see that with everybody, but those are very moving testimonials when people can stand up and talk about how our product as helped them.”

Despite the moving stories, however, Compassionate Cultivation remains vertically integrated in accordance with Texas state law, which means that every step they take in order to create the products that they sell is completed within their facility itself rather than outside of it.

According to their official website, Compassionate Cultivation states the following:

“What We Do: We make medical-grade cannabis products of the highest quality to serve patients across the state with qualifying conditions. As the only legal medical cannabis producer headquartered in the state of Texas, we view fulfilling this need as our highest purpose.”

“Who We Serve: We work for physicians and their patients with current qualifying conditions to supply prescription cannabis that can change lives. We stand beside all who believe in safe, legal, and effective access to this powerful medicine. As fellow Texans, we see this as our responsibility to take care of our neighbors.”

It’s also important to note that Compassionate Cultivation is currently deemed an essential business in Texas and is also currently open to serve patients during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, with safety measures continuing to be implemented in order to keep both patients and employees safe.

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