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How Do I Find Someone in Jail? Travis County inmate search.

Travis County inmate search. When someone is detained and arrested for a crime committed in Austin—or anywhere in Travis County—he or she is taken into custody and transported to the central booking office located at the Travis County Jail, adjacent to the Blackwell/Thurman Criminal Justice Center, in downtown Austin, Texas. The individual is processed and booked into the Travis County Jail and remains in police custody until a jail release can be secured. Read on to learn about the procedure for securing a jail release.

The first step is towards securing a jail release is to search for the person who has been arrested. There are two ways to do this:


  1. Visit the Travis County Sheriff’s Office website and click on “Inmate Search” to proceed. (The search can also be found on the “Jail Information” page, found on the “Inmate & Jail Info” drop-down menu.)
  2. Enter the name of the individual who has been detained and click search; this will result in a list of results that match the search.
  3. Scroll and click on the name of the person to gain access to the details of the arrest, including booking number, charges and bond information, and the location where the individual is being held.


  1. Call (512) 854-4180.
  2. Have the first and last name of the person arrested ready to provide to the Travis County Sheriff’s Office representative.


The second step to take is to determine whether a bond has been set for the person who has had charges brought against him or her. (A bond is the amount of money required for someone to be released from jail; the amount is set by a judge.) If a bond has been set, the next things to do are as follows:


Using the bond information from step one (Inmate Search), identify whether the bond must be cash  or surety, any type or personal. If there is no bond information available, no bond has been set at this time. (Descriptions of bond types can be found on the Travis County Sheriffs Office website under Bonds.”)

  • NOTE: Consulting a qualified and experienced attorney for help understanding the details is a good idea at this point in the process. It can result in faster release, as having a professional to support the person in custody to a judge can help move the case closer to the beginning of the case schedule.


Regardless of the type of bond required, payment must be made in person, either by the defendant or representative of the defendant. Forms of bond payment vary depending on the type of bond set but include most methods of payment from cash to credit card.

If a bond is not paid for someone who has been arrested to be released before to going to court, the individual will remain in jail until a court appearance is scheduled. If a bond is posted, the individual will be advised as to when he or she must appear in court to face the charges.


Contacting someone who is in jail can be done by mail, phone, video, or via face-to-face visits in person.* Mail must be sent to the facility directly, with the name and booking number clearly included; and all correspondence must include a return address. Phone contact is permitted via phone cards or collect calls; an account with the Travis County Jails exclusive provider of communication services is required for phone contact. Video visitation is available on site or from home and requires an account with the same communications provider that manages phone services. (More detailed guidance about phone call access and the video visitation process is available on the Travis County Sheriffs Office website.) Face-to-face visits can only be conducted with people who qualify and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance; all visitors must adhere to a published dress code.

(*Note: during the current pandemic, all face-to-face in-person visitation by individuals besides attorneys and specific visitors designated as essential is suspended as a precaution against the transmission of the coronavirus and spread of COVID-19.)


Anyone in jail who forfeits personal property during the booking process can have most items returned upon release or can allow those items to be retrieved by another person; the individual in jail must designate a specific person to do so. In order to receive property, the authorized person must present an official, valid picture ID. Property release hours are posted at the Travis County Correctional Complex and Travis County Jail; hours range from morning through evenings depending on the weekday.

Travis County inmate search. At Jarvis, Garcia, and Erskine Law, we understand that an arrest of a friend or family member is scary and stressful. And we know that you will have questions about what you can do to secure his or her release. Our caring and professional team of attorneys stands ready to help.

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