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Suspension Texas Drivers License Status- In the state of Texas, driving while your license is suspended or revoked can result in major consequences, including fees and jail time. However, you may be able to get your driving privileges restored. If you do not want to refrain from driving for the full license suspension period, reinstatement is a possibility. The state has a process for getting an invalid driver’s license reinstated for those who qualify.


If you want to contest your license suspension, you must submit a request within a set period following the suspension, or risk having your request denied. It could take months for a hearing to be scheduled for you, but a contestment is possible. And when you are granted a hearing, you are fully responsible for providing facts and data to support your claim that your license suspension is invalid.


Another approach is not a contestment, but rather to seek reinstatement before the suspension period is complete. The driver’s license reinstatement process includes fees, and also might require attendance at mandatory traffic school programs and health reviews by a medical professional, depending on the specific circumstances of the license suspension.


The first step towards driver’s license reinstatement is to find out if you are eligible and determine the fees you will be required to pay. There are four types of suspensions that will result in a reinstatement fee: Departmental Suspensions (DI), Safety Responsibility Suspensions (SR),

Administrative License Revocation Suspensions (ALR), and

Education Program Suspensions. (You can get more information about each of these suspension types via the Texas Department of Public Safety.)


The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) offers an online license eligibility system for Texas drivers track their driving eligibility status and allows drivers to view compliance items required to determine eligibility as well as to remit payment online for any fees associated with a driver’s license suspension. (If you have fees to pay but you are unable to pay online, you can send your documentation by regular postal mail.)


The main things you will need to submit during the driver’s license reinstatement process include the following:

  1. the last four numbers of your SSN,
  2. your date of birth,
  3. your Texas driver’s license number, and
  4. payment for associated fees.

Any further specific requirements and the exact amount of fees will be different depending on the reason(s) for the driver’s license suspension.


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