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Criminal Defense Lawyer Austin- Criminal defense lawyers are advocates for people who have been accused of committing crimes. They help apply the legal protections afforded to citizens by the US Constitution, under which we are all guaranteed the right to representation by an attorney in any criminal court. The job of a criminal defense attorney—whether private or court-appointed—is to legally defend an accused party against charges levied by the state, which must prove its allegations “beyond a reasonable doubt” to reach a conviction of the accused defendant. 

Criminal defense lawyers provide an advantage to their clients because they understand how to apply Constitutional guarantees in their cases. They research and investigate the facts of the case, as well as examining witnesses, gathering evidence, preparing a plea, and analyzing and assessing the prosecution’s case and potential sentences that might be sought. They also can negotiate deals with prosecutors when necessary to achieve such things as reduced charges, reduced bail, or reduced sentences.

Criminal defense lawyers provide legal counsel and advice to their clients regarding the process and management of their cases, including informing them of the possible outcomes (and their view as to the most probable outcomes). They attempt to devise a plea deal on behalf of their clients; but if no plea deal can be made, the case will go to court where criminal defense lawyers will then represent the defendant at trial. Criminal defense lawyers assist defendants with understanding and progressing through their legal cases, but also help them to come to terms with their situation; they offer guidance regarding how to cope with the fears and frustrations of facing criminal charges. 

A criminal trial can be exceedingly difficult to navigate, so anyone accused of a crime should strongly consider hiring a criminal defense lawyer to help them with their case; this is especially important if the accused has been formally charged or police have asked to question him or her. A lawyer can discuss the options a defendant has, such as whether to take advantage of a plea bargain or go to trial. If the accused has been arrested and jailed, a lawyer can help with efforts towards jail release. At the least, a criminal defense lawyer can provide legal advice, even if he does not end up representing someone in court.

When looking for a defense attorney, someone accused of a crime should seek out one who specializes in criminal defense and practices in the jurisdiction where the charges against the accused are pending; a criminal defense lawyer who is familiar with the prosecutors and judges in the area can make the case proceed smoothly.

The caring legal team at Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law (JGE) in Austin, Texas understands the stress and worry of being charged with a criminal offense. If you find yourself in need of professional legal representation to fight criminal charges against you or a loved one, the competent criminal defense attorneys at JGE stand ready to help; they will provide professional legal guidance as to how to proceed in your case. For a free consultation and more information about the legal services available from the experienced team at Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, contact them online or call 512-549-6976.