Brian Erskine

Brian knew exactly what he wanted to do since grade school. He knew he would graduate with a Criminal Justice degree and knew he would become a great criminal litigator by going to the #1 litigation law school in the country, South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas.   

For many lawyers, experience in the courtroom is hard to come by. But for Brian, he knew that by taking the toughest jobs in the toughest places, he would gather exponential experience. And that is exactly what he did! Brian always knew he wanted to help people and these experiences showed him how he could.

Brian took his first job in Brownsville, Texas, literally the southernmost point in Texas, “on the border by the sea.” As an Assistant District Attorney, Brian knew he found his passion in criminal litigation, working on Capitol Murder cases, drug trafficking, sexual assaults and so much more.

Brian has a proven record of fighting for his clients by taking cases to trial.

74+ jury trials spanning Murder, Trafficking, White Collar, Robbery, Sexual Assault, Family Violence, DWI, Drug Possession, and Weapons Charges

Brian is not afraid to take a case to trial, and has significant experience relating to juries, judges and prosecutors. Brian is the attorney other attorneys call for advice when they take a case to trial!

When Brian worked for the State of Texas, he gained intimate institutional knowledge that helps him navigate the court system, relate to prosecutors and judges, and help get his clients the best results.

Brian also secured his Board Specialization in Criminal Law in 2015, from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, after meeting and exceeding rigorous qualifications for one the State Bar’s highest honors.

Now a partner at Jarvis, Garcia, and Erskine Law, Brian wants each and every client to know he takes on their matter as if it is his own.