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Divorce Attorneys Austin

We understand the needs of clients facing sensitive issues. Many of our clients have never had to pursue any serious legal matter before, and they’re understandably filled with fear, anxiety and trepidation over divorce and family law matters. Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law is dedicated to taking time to understand your situation, to give you clear legal guidance, and to help you execute the most-sensible strategy to meet your goals.

Your family law matter requires Austin Family Law Attorney that will take the time to understand your goals and respect your preferences in reaching them. Whether you face a divorce, or a child-custody or support issue, or another challenge in the family, we will help you do what is best – legally, financially, and emotionally.

Our Austin Divorce Lawyers can offer you effective representation in a wide range of legal matters including divorce, child custody and child support, modification of support orders, premarital agreements, and enforcement. We can also help in common law marriage, spousal support, grandparent’s rights, and domestic violence cases.

You don’t want to spend your life savings on getting divorced. Our goal is to help negotiate your case to a beneficial resolution without breaking your bank. We also understand these matters are fraught with emotional and sometimes irrational decision making. Despite highly skilled negotiations, some cases must go to trial. For those cases, we have the experience to aggressively represent you and your interests in the courtroom. Call our Family Law Lawyers at Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, to discuss how to best handle your divorce, child custody, or other family law matter at 512-359-3030.

Whether your case is mediated, negotiated in the office, or litigated for a judge to decide, you need experienced, capable, and reliable legal representation. Our knowledgeable Austin Attorneys take an aggressive, yet passionate approach in working with our clients until they are fully satisfied with the end results. If you or someone close to you is either considering or going through a divorce, then the Austin divorce lawyers at Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, can help.

Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, offers legal representation in areas that include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

  • Contested Divorce with Property, Children, or Child Custody Issues
  • Contested Divorce
  • Mediated Divorce
  • Agreed Divorce
  • Spousal Support, Alimony, or Child Support
  • Protection for Community or Separate Property Rights
  • Asset Tracing
  • Divorce Decree Modifications
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Valuations for Property and Assets

Any type of contested divorce proceedings can take months, if not years to resolve. You should never attempt to represent yourself in these types of proceedings. Contested divorce can get ugly in some circumstances. It is often a long drawn out battle that can be unpleasant. We will work with you closely until an amicable agreement can be reached.