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You work too hard to be taken advantage of. Our firm has expansive knowledge and experience with Overtime Wage laws and cases. The enactment of the new Fair Labor Standards Act is quickly approaching. Book your free consultation with us today to find out how new Overtime Wage laws will affect and potentially benefit you. Let us get you what you deserve.

Know Your Rights In Texas

Everyone deserves respect in the workplace. If you’ve been the victim of wage theft, workplace discrimination, harassment, or other damaging practices, you need to understand your rights as an employee. If your employer has discriminated against, harassed, retaliated, stolen wages, or otherwise wronged you, take a stand. Start by talking to a seasoned Austin employment lawyer at Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, today.

Employees have the right to complain about workplace injustice without retaliation. If you feel threatened or harassed at work, you should not have to fear reporting your harasser. Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, are committed to helping workers by upholding the law and holding wrongdoers accountable for their actions.

Common employment issues in the workplace include:

Unpaid Overtime

Hour and Wage Law Violations


Wrongful Termination

Gender Discrimination

Race or National Origin Discrimination

Age Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

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Employees can recover wages they’re owed by filing a claim with the Texas Workforce Commission or by filing a private claim. The first step, however, is determining if your employer owes you unpaid wages.


An employer completely failing to pay a worker for duties he or she performed for compensation is flat out theft! Some forms of wage theft and unpaid wages are obvious, however, other forms of wage theft are more covert and require diligence on the part of the employee to discover.

Unpaid wages an employee may not notice include:

Employer intentionally ignoring overtime pay

Minimum wage violation

Deducts short breaks from hours worked

Underpays tipped employees

Fails to pay an employee who works through lunch

Misclassifies an employee as someone who is exempt from overtime

Fails to pay commission

Unpaid commission is unfortunately a common deceptive business practice. A variety of businesses use commissions to incentivize employees to close more sales. But, some employers unlawfully fail to pay employees their proper commissions, often times rewarding unscrupulous managers who cheat their own underlings using this very deceptive practice.

Disputes regarding unpaid commission often occur when a sales worker leaves his or her position with the employer and doesn’t receive commission payments in the final paycheck. You should make every attempt to understand your employment agreement regarding commission and keep up with your paydays to determine if you’re receiving compensation for the correct wages.

If you are concerned with unpaid wages or wage theft by your employer, contact Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, to assess your claim immediately at 512-359-3030.

The information provided here is not intended as, and is no substitute for, personal legal advice. We recommend that you meet with us to discuss your claim before taking any action yourself. Although the information on our site may help you to understand better the type of case you may have, every case and situation has special features that may affect your rights.