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How to get someone out of jail in Austin

Austin Jail Release


How do I get someone out of jail in Travis County is what you are asking yourself. As your Austin jail release lawyers, we can start an Austin jail release immediately by approaching the judge and waiving the magistration process, essentially moving the bond to the front of the line, while a bail bondsman cannot act until after a bond is set (i.e., until you see a magistrate. Using a criminal attorney for an Austin jail release is often the fastest way to secure a friend or loved one’s freedom.


For an Austin Jail Release, criminal attorneys can do jail releases similar to bail-bondsmen, and they can also negotiate terms of release with a magistrate or judge. Jarvis,& Erskine Law will help you get out of jail as fast as possible! Contact us to learn more at 512-359-3030, phones answered 24 hours/day. When you call us for jail release we are able to apply this payment to your actual legal representation; think of it as a down payment. We accept payment plans and all major credit cards. Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law works with experts and investigators around the state to ensure the best results for every client.

How do we help with Austin Jail Release?

  • We obtain information to interview the arrested individual. This allows us to gather information needed for the background check.
  • Although pretrial investigations (the people working with the judge) may recommend denying the bond, the judge will often approve it with an attorney walking the bond through for the arrestee.
  • Once approved we return the bond to pretrial services to prepare a package for delivery to the jail.
  • Then we walk the bond to the Jail for processing.

Where is my friend or loved one?

In Travis County, a person who has been arrested is transferred to the central booking office located in the Blackwell-Thurman Criminal Justice Center, at 509 West 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78701.

Search for an arrested loved one at or call 512-854-9889.

Arresting officers will submit probable cause affidavits (PC affidavit for short), which basically states why the officer had reason to believe a crime was committed. The officer must turn in that PC affidavit within 24 hours of the arrest for a misdemeanor, or 48 hours after the arrest for a felony. Once the judge reviews this probable cause affidavit, he or she will determine if there was enough probable cause for the police officer to make the arrest, and if so, set a bail amount. Then the person arrested will meet with the judge or magistrate, usually within 24 hours of the bond being set. We can obtain a copy of this probable cause affidavit as soon as possible and review it prior to meeting with you, in most cases. Also, in most instances we can approach the magistrate or judge on your behalf and waive the magistrate process (which can sometimes take up to several hours, delaying the time your friend or loved one is released from jail).

Contact Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law immediately to discuss jail release options: 512-359-3030. 

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