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Naturalization Attorney Austin

The naturalization process may seem intimidating or confusing to many people. There are many requirements and hoops to jump through. If you or a loved one is seeking assistance in the naturalization process, Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law, can provide invaluable help.

– Why Is Citizenship Better Than A Green Card?

While a green card is a very good thing to have, it does not include the same benefits as naturalization, and can be taken away. However, once you go through the process of naturalization, your citizenship is permanent. As a United States citizen, you will have access to many benefits that are not available to you as a green card holder.

– These benefits include:

Safety from deportation. The possibility of being deported for committing an offense can be a real concern for green card holders. Citizenship ends the possibility of deportation.

The right to vote. The democratic process is an important part of this country, and without voting rights, you cannot participate. As a citizen, you will have a voice in everything; from school board to national elections.

Priority for other petitions. If you plan on bringing a family member or spouse to the United States, the entire process will move more quickly if you are already a citizen. Citizens come first when sponsoring petitions for family members.

Our Austin Immigration Lawyers can review and explain all the legal requirements, help establish or obtain appropriate documentation needed, and assist in filling out and filing the necessary paperwork with the appropriate office. Our Texas Immigration Lawyers can also advise individuals when they may not or should not apply for citizenship.