Personal Injury

Personal injury attorney Austin Tx

If you need a personal injury attorney in Austin, Texas or surrounding Counties, Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law will pursue justice and fight on your behalf. Whether it’s a motor vehicle accident or slip and fall case, Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law has the expertise to advocate for you. If you need a personal injury attorney in Austin TX, Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law will be on your side from the beginning to the very end of your personal injury case.

If you or a family member has suffered a serious injury or accident, you may be dealing with several difficult challenges. You may be asking yourself questions like these:

  • How much in medical expenses will I owe after insurance pays?
  • If I don’t accept it now, will I lose the insurance settlement money?
  • If I negotiate with the insurance company, will they penalize me later?
  • I have medical insurance but no disability or lost-wages coverage; how am I going to pay my living expenses?
  • How do I know if I should sue?
  • How much does it cost to hire a lawyer? (good news – nothing, unless you win.)
  • How does a personal injury lawsuit work?
  • Can a personal injury attorney in Austin TX help me with all the paperwork?
  • Is my situation / injury one that an injury / accident firm like Jarvis, Garcia, & Erskine Law deals with?
  • How do I decide which personal injury attorney to hire?

If these questions sound familiar, and you’d like some help with them: Call us at (512) 359-3030.

What to Consider When Evaluating a Personal Injury Attorney in Austin TX:

  • Quality personal injury attorneys in Austin TX will listen carefully to the details of your case and will give you an honest evaluation of whether or not a settlement or award is likely.
  • Trustworthy personal injury attorneys in Austin TX will respond quickly to your calls and emails.
  • You never need to settle for a personal injury attorney in Austin TX with whom you don’t feel confident or certain they are looking after your interests.  It’s best to choose a personal injury attorney in Austin TX who you’re confident represents your interests and needs.