Dog Bites

What type of attorney to contact for dog bites in Austin

Dog Bite Cases

If you have been bitten by someone’s dog in Austin or the surrounding areas, you may be entitled to monetary damages, including for medical bills incurred as a result. You should speak to Austin dog bite attorneys with experience handling these types of claims. A competent dog bite lawyer can evaluate your case and guide you in the right direction.

The complexity of dog bite cases

Dog bite injury claims in Texas are often complex and not as easy as they might seem. Texas follows the “one free bite” rule. If the dog has no record of bites or attacks, the courts may not assign liability to the owner, though some breeds are exempt from this. It is important to hire a dog bite lawyer to investigate this case, often looking for records of the dog having been violent in the past. If a court decides a dog is a danger to the public, there can be consequences for both the owner and the dog, often leading to monetary rewards.

Children are often the victim of dog bites, often from a familiar dog. Some questions to ask are whether the dog bit as a result of rough play or a provocation. Since many dog owners are likely to place blame on the victim as opposed to the biting dog, a Texas attorney with experience in dog bite claims is needed to quickly investigate the case and get the truth out.

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